1. Solve 10 Hard Gratitude Problems

2. List 10 Apps That You’d Like To Use

3. There is always time. Find 10 moments during your day when you could close your eyes and sit quietly (maybe be grateful)

4. 10 Coursera courses you would like to take, and what would they have in their curriculum

5. 10 new technologies for Smart refrigerators

6. 10 Ways You Could Make Your Traveling Easier Next Time You Fly

7. Tell Me Your Favorite 10 Books Of All Time And One Thing You Learned From Each

8. 10 Movies that Caused a Deep Impression on You, and Why

9. 10 ways to improve traveling in coach that an airline like JetBlue could implement today to make people happier

10. 10 Meetups you could run in your area

11. 10 new yoga poses you can create, i.e.: use animal names, and describe alignment, purpose & effects

12. Locate one character in history you admire (could be Joan of Arc, or Buddha or Eleanor Roosevelt, or Rumi) and write 10 questions you would ask of him or her:

13. List 10 ways you could generate passive income within the next 3 months and the 2nd step that would have to happen for any of them to move ahead

14. Ten ideas for fascinating investigative articles I would like to write and for what publication

15. Ten things I have at home that I don’t need which I could either donate and/or throw away or re-purpose

16. Ten risky things you could do this week to get out of your comfort zone

17. Ten Ways I can Improve My Daily “Physical” Practice

18. Ten Ways I can Improve My Daily “Emotional” Practice The emotional leg of the daily practice has to do with the people I surround myself with

19. Ten Ways I can Improve My Daily “Mental” Practice

20. Ten Ways I can Improve My Daily “Spiritual” Practice

21. You are about to be transported into another planet and must write a book to leave your wisdom behind. Come up with 10 ideas of the book titles that you could write, with 3 items that would go in the table of contents

22. Ten People That Made An Impact In Your Life and Why

23. 10 lines you heard recently that left you wondering…and why

24. Come up with 10 new recipes

25. Ten things I deny myself permission to buy, and why

26. Idea Sex: Go back and find the books that made a difference in your life (#7) and then match it with the 10 lines you heard recently and that had an impact on you (#23). Now, come up with a good title based on what you heard and a subtitle based on the books you loved

27. List 10 Quora Questions that you feel pulled to answer, and why

28. 10 Great titles for “Indie” type of movies and plot

29. Pretend you are an expert and argue 5 reasons why aromatherapy is real and it works, and 5 reasons why it is a scam

30. Ten Ways in which you can improve your sleep

31. Ten Times When you Laughed Out Loud

32. Ten Uniforms You could wear for One Day Just to Observe Reactions

33. Ten ideas for businesses that children could set outside on a summer afternoon, other than lemonade stands

34. Think of ten companies you use often. And then find the ones that actually trade on the stock exchange. And why do you use them?

35. Ten cities you would like to visit and one thing you would like to see in each of them

36. Funny Answers: Come up with 10 ideas for questions at the level of 3rd grade tests, and then funny answers

37. Ten Reasons Why You Think Adults Only Laugh 5 Times A Day (Instead of 300)

38. Game Time. Create ten simple card games and tell the rules

39. Ten ways in which you could surprise a loved one, which they would like

40. Ten Regrets of the Past you Could Let Go Of

41. Ten Ways You Can Improve Your Work Situation Today

42. Suppose a friend was selling her car and you wanted to give her ten tips on how to write copy so that it sells. Write the 10 tips

43. Ten Business Ideas That Could Help The Elderly

44. Ten ideas on how you can get more out of your dollar

45. Ten memories you could create with your loved ones for the next holiday instead of following the herd

46. Your idea muscle is pretty warm by now; It’s time for the 100X challenge. List One hundred things you are grateful for today

47. Ten things you would do if you were 17 again, and you had 20K to spend for a year. How would you explore? What could you do?

48. List ten people you would like to have as mentors today. Then write one question you would like to ask them

49. What are ten things that took you the longest to understand?

50. Ten things that make talent happen

51. IDEA SEX: Remember the ten people you’d like to have as mentors?

52. Ten reasons why a young person needs to see Las Vegas and ten reasons why it might be best to stay away

53. Ten Phrases In Which You Lay Down Your Wisdom For Generations to Come

54. Ten ways in which ideas are the new currency?

55. Ten crazy ideas

56. Invent ten new words in Spanish and say what they mean

57. Ten Ways In Which I Can Get Myself to write my ten ideas on days I don’t want to

58. Ten people I could introduce by way of “permission networking” and why would they both benefit?

59. 10 Common excuses people use and how could they be transformed?

60. Ten ways in which I can make myself more resilient

61. Ten Things You Would Like Cars To Have as “Add On” Features

62. Write Ten One-Line Jokes And Have One Person Laugh at One of them

63. 10 Things You Could Teach Young People in 6 Seconds

64. Ten Things You Wish You Knew Before You Turned 25

65. List Ten People outside of your inner circle, and outside of your immediate comfort zone, that you would like to meet and why?

66. If you had absolutely no worries about money, and no fear, what are ten things you would do this week?

67. Ten New Drugs pharmaceuticals could create in the next five years. List the names and effects and side effects

68. Ten Ways in which we will be using technology differently in ten years

69. Someone recently asked: what is the answer to everything in the universe in just ONE WORD

70. Come up with the title of ten books (fiction or non-fiction) that include a color in the title where the color means something else

71. What is in your “I did” list for today

72. Write ten things that come to mind when you hear each of the following terms

73. Ten People You Know but have not been in touch lately, whom you could call today and what is the one thing you could say to cheer them up

74. What are ten areas of life in which you have changed your mind?

75. Pick One Person you admire. Maybe an actor, maybe a writer, maybe a politician, maybe a film director, maybe a teacher. What is she or he about?

76. Ten Best Fiction Books You Read, with one detail you liked about them

77. Ten Best Blogposts I’ve read and why

78. Ten things you would really like to see happening in your life within the next year, and why?

79. Ten meals I could cook next week and the shopping list that goes together with it so I don’t have to go to the supermarket at all

80. If you could make an inter-stellar, silver plate shape, that will travel through the universe in search of other life, and you could write in it just three words, in any language, English will do, what are the three words you would write?

81. Ten expressions we often use which may not necessarily mean what we think they mean, or which may not be appropriate:

82. Ten ideas for selfies you could make today that give a philosophical message

83. IDEA SEX: Look at the Ten People You Know but have not been in touch lately from a previous list (or come up with the ones you remember) and match them with the qualities that you admire from people you listed in another idea day, on which you mentioned “what they are all about.”

84. List ten things that you have learned, or gained, or re-directed, or thought deeply about, because you have been working on your idea muscle this long

85. Ten things I would like to do before I die

86. Sometimes we get on a “funk.” List ten things you could do next time this awful mood strikes to get out of it

87. Ten Dreams I Remember From My life and roughly what they were about

88. Ten “stream of consciousness” paragraphs

89. List ten ways in which you could improve your life by 1% this month. You don’t have to act on it, just list it:

90. As a species we are always looking for “new frontiers.” We need new quests, new territory, new ventures, journeys, and explorations. What are ten new frontiers you see for yourself?

91. Ten Business From The Area That I Live In That Will Probably Go Bankrupt And Why?

92. Pick one of the businesses from yesterday and decide you are the ‘Marcus Lemonis’, or the consultant that will help them thrive. What are your ten ideas?

93. 10 Book Titles That Would Make The New York Times Best Seller List just by the power of the title

94. Ten Weekend Workshops Ideas You Could Offer in Your Local Community Town Hall

95. Ten businesses that could benefit from merging all their efforts and creating a monopoly

96. 10 Articles You Can Write That Can Make A difference

97. 10 short workout routines to target different areas of the body that people can do in under 10 minutes in the office and while nobody is watching

98. How to ruin your relationship in 10 steps, and why is it that these ten things are so harmful?

99. 10 documentaries you recommend watching and why?

100. 10 TED Talk Ideas You Could Give

101. 10 ideas for short YouTube videos I can make that teach something

102. 10 books I Could Write Today, Under 40 Pages That Give Value

103. 10 world problems that CAN be solved by technology and what is the next step

104. 10 Suggestions For A Celebrity To Reinvent

105. 10 Historical moments that could be turned into soap operas like Downton Abbey

106. 10 Suggestions To Make Weddings Fun, Special, and Under 10K

107. 10 Hotels You Would Love To Visit Because…

108. Today, find ten email conversations from five years ago, then continue the conversation

109. Ten Things I Learned From This Amazing Teacher

110. American Airlines wants a new name for its brand

111. Select a friend you know who is struggling right now. Then Write ten actionable, easy ideas that can help them today

112. 10 Crazy Things You Did, That Were Completely Out of Your Comfort Zone And What You Learned From Them?

113. How Do You Cope With Anxiety?

114. IDEA SEX: Write an article about something you are interested in, make it good by telling a story around it

115. 10 Business That Could Be Built On Top Of LinkedIn

116. CHAPTER:10 Ideas for the major of your town that would improve tourism and flow of people so that businesses in the area thrive

117. 10 Suggestions for Outer Space tourism that Richard Branson could use

118. 10 Things I could do to generate an extra 300 dollars this week

119. 10 Body/Mind Hacks You Learned In The Past 12 Months

120. 10 Products You Love And Can Review

121. 10 Things You Wish You Knew When You Were Fifteen

122. 10 Relationships that could use a talk

123. Secret Helper: 10 Ways To Help Today Without Taking Credit

124. Suggestions To The Wealthiest People In the World

125. What Are Ten Services You Wish Amazon Could Do For You?

126. Ten Things You Can Learn In 10 Minutes That Add Value To Your Life

127. What Would You Say Are The Top 10 Moral Underlying Stands You Live By and Why?

128. Top Ten Creativity Tips

129. Write 10 Things You Are Grateful For When It Comes To Your Parents

130. Write A Letter to The 80-Year Old You. Tell Him or Her Ten Things You Are Doing Today To Help the Future You

131. 10 Small Gifts I Could Give Today

132. 10 People I know I could ask a question whose answer would help others

133. 10 Books everyone under 25 must read and why?

134. Ten Ways I Can Give Something Other Than Money

135. 10 Great Reminders Everyone Could Keep Throughout The Day

136. Identify someone you admire and write ten ideas for him or her

137. 10 Places Where I Could Show Up More

138. 10 Wise Sayings You Can Remember And Why?

139. 10 Bumper Stickers You Can Create or Can Remember and Why?

140. You Just Took The Red Pill. You Wake Up. What are 10 Ways In Which you are Different?

141. 10 Ways To Organize Finances and Why Are They Worth Doing?

142. Ten Small Businesses that could thrive in Your Neighborhood

143. Identify Ten Problems and Come Up with A Solution

144. Ten Ways to Make Money with your Car

145. 10 Suggestions To Stop a Mind Gone Wild

146. What are the ten traits that make a good teacher?

147. Ten Suggestions To Deal With Debt

148. Ten Classes You Took In Your Life That You Liked and Why

149. Ten Suggestions For Themes That Other People Could Write Ideas On To Help Themselves

150. Ten Themes Suggestions For Ideas Other People Could Write to help others

151. How Can I Monetize My Website, or Podcast?

152. Making A Boring Profession Interesting: Ten Ideas

153. Ten Ways To Improve Writing

154. Ten Tips For Public Speaking

155. Ten Sure Ways To Destroy Your Relationship

156. Ten Super Foods You Love that Everyone Should Try

157. Ten Life Tips You Can Offer

158. Ten Trends You See Coming In The Next Century

159. IDEA SEX Ten Inventions For The Ten Trends

160. Ten Car Games For People Driving With Children

161. 10 Suggestions For Car Rental Companies

162. What Should Uber Do Next: 10 Suggestions

163. 10 Decisions You’ve Made Without Thinking Much

164. Ten Things You Bought In the Past Six Months, And Why?

165. Alternatives To Getting An Expensive College Education

166. Ten Things To Consider Before Renting (or Buying) Your Next Home

167. Ten Things You’d Want To Say To Your Great Grand Daughter When she is 10 years old

168. Ten Most Influential People Of This Decade and Why?

169. Ten Alternatives to The End-Of-The-Year ‘Gift Crazy’

170. Ten Things That Everyone Should Unclutter

171. Ten Keeping It Real Cards

172. Ten Things I Fear Losing As I Age

173. Ten Questions We Should Ask Of Ourselves More Often Who am I?

174. If you Had To Start All Over Again, What Would Be 10 Things You Would List Today?

175. 10 Ideas You Would Be Afraid To Give Away For Free, Because They Are Very Valuable

176. The 10 Most Powerful Emotions And How You’ve Coped with Them in the Past

177. 10 Ancient Recipes You Know That Heal Common Pains

178. 10 Words That Should Come Out Of Our Vocabularies For The Benefit Of All

179. Ten Ways I Am Different As An Idea Machine

180. Ten Words Of Wisdom From You To Anyone Who May Be Thinking Of Trying This Idea Machine