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Why creativity?

Creative Imagination

1. Ask more Questions!

2. Creativity is the reward of Relaxation after Focus

3. Schedule “me-time”

4. Clarity is Power

5. Commit Yourself

6. Empty your mind on a piece of paper

7. Just start Creating

8. Think outside the Box

9. Have MASSIVE Input – N.E.T. (No Extra Time!)

10. Manage your Posture

11. Music, the gift from heavens

12. Build Your Confidence

13. Become an Expert

14. Do what you love

15. Become a Minimalist

16. Keep a Creativity Notepad

17. Use Pictures and Symbols!

18. Use Metaphors and Paradigms

19. Realize That Most Problems Have Multiple Solutions

20. Surround Yourself with Excellence

21. Create your Board of Advisors

22. Visualizations

23. Have Fun – Negativity Blocks Creativity

24. Re-learn how to Rest!

25. Get a Massage

26. Focus and Meditation

27. Learn how to Breathe right

28. Nourish your Brain & Body!

29. Exercise, Move, and Break your physical limits!

30. Try Intermittent Fasting (IF) for a Change

31. Challenge your Mind's Limits

32. Play with Puzzling Games

33. Look for Sources of Inspiration

Become Self-Active

Closing Thoughts

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