Table of Contents

Part 1: Processes
  Chapter 1: Book Overview
  Chapter 2: Creative Thinking in a Design Studio
  Chapter 3: Creative Thinking with Sketches
  Chapter 4: Critical Thinking in a Design Studio
  Chapter 5: Controlling Conversations in a Design Studio
  Chapter 6: Design Studio Method Overview
Part 2: Procedures
  Chapter 7: Determining the Need
  Chapter 8: Defining Your Design Problem
  Chapter 9: Assigning Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 10: Performing User and Design Research
Chapter 11: Generating Sketches Separately
Chapter 12: Evaluating Sketches as a Team
Chapter 13: Voting on the Best Ideas
Chapter 14: Producing a Final Mockup
Chapter 15: Presenting Your Mockups (or Selling Your Vision

                        to Everyone)
Part 3: Advanced Topics
Chapter 16: Working Remotely with People
Chapter 17: Storing Your Work to Re-visit Later
Chapter 18: Next Steps