Introduction: What the World Needs Now Is More Jobs—Steve Jobs

CHAPTER 1 What Would Steve Do?

PRINCIPLE 1 Do What You Love

CHAPTER 2 Follow Your Heart

CHAPTER 3 Think Differently About Your Career

PRINCIPLE 2 Put a Dent in the Universe

CHAPTER 4 Inspire Evangelists

CHAPTER 5 Think Differently About Your Vision

PRINCIPLE 3 Kick-Start Your Brain

CHAPTER 6 Seek Out New Experiences

CHAPTER 7 Think Differently About How You Think

PRINCIPLE 4 Sell Dreams, Not Products

CHAPTER 8 See Genius in Their Craziness

CHAPTER 9 Think Differently About Your Customers

PRINCIPLE 5 Say No to 1,000 Things

CHAPTER 10 Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

CHAPTER 11 Think Differently About Design

PRINCIPLE 6 Create Insanely Great Experiences

CHAPTER 12 We’re Here to Help You Grow

CHAPTER 13 Think Differently About Your Brand Experience

PRINCIPLE 7 Master the Message

CHAPTER 14 The World’s Greatest Corporate Storyteller

CHAPTER 15 Think Differently About Your Story

One More Thing . . . Don’t Let the Bozos Get You Down