Preface to the Third Edition

Preface to the First Edition


  1: An Introduction to Copywriting

  2: Writing to Get Attention: The Headline

  3: Writing to Communicate

  4: Writing to Sell

  5: Getting Ready to Write

  6: Writing Print Advertisements

  7: Writing Direct Mail

  8: Writing Brochures, Catalogs, and Other Sales Materials

  9: Writing Public Relations Materials

10: Writing Commercials and Multimedia Presentations

11: Writing for the Web

12: Writing E-Mail Marketing

13: How to Get a Job as a Copywriter

14: How to Hire and Work with Copywriters

15: Graphic Design for Copywriters


  Appendix A: Glossary of Advertising Terms

  Appendix B: Periodicals

  Appendix C: Web Sites

  Appendix D: Books

  Appendix E: Organizations